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Pinterest has over 100 million active users and that’s quite a huge number. It was founded 10 years ago. And in a short span, it has taken such popularity. Since the website started one question has been very mysterious that how does Pinterest make money.

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To answer the question and to end your curiosity I have decided to share this post with you. I really hope that this post is going to answer all your questions. Please don’t forget to share your views in the comments section reserved just for you. By the end of this article, you can also read our other interesting posts as well.

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Throwback to Pinterest

Pinterest started its journey ten years ago. And it has become the fastest-growing network in a short time. It is a highly valued startup and through Pinterest, users can share or save pictures and other content. The content is in the form of pins. This pin acts as a visual bookmark.

When a user clicks on the pin then it takes the user to the relevant website. You can find content related to tutorials, places, designs architecture, clothing, and so on. This website is my personal favorite website because the content you will find there is very unique.

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The idea which is found on Pinterest is also very interesting. The users of Pinterest get attached to the website once they start using it. Personally, it’s been years since I am using this website. Especially Whenever I need new ideas I like to search it over Pinterest. And amazingly I always come up with great suggestions. So if you are not familiar with Pinterest yet then it is a great platform.

How Does Pinterest Make Money

How Does Pinterest Make Money

On April 18, 2019, Pinterest went public. As you might know, Pinterest makes money through advertising, promoted pins. These promoted pins are basically ads but these pins look like user’s posts or pins. Sponsors pay for the promoted pins. The best thing about these promoted pins or sponsored pins is that these pins look like the standard pins.

To target, the audience for these pins Pinterest utilizes data of the users such as interest, age group, and other demographic information. It helps Pinterest to show the relevant ads to its users. However, Pinterest does not have a huge audience if we compare its audience to other social media platforms.

But Pinterest does have a high conversion rate. According to Pinterest “83% of weekly US Pinners from a brand pin”.

Pinterest has a high conversion rate because the majority of people get influenced to purchase more as compared to other platforms. And this is a plus point for Pinterest.

For retailers, the good news is that they can use the storefront option. In this way, people can directly buy from retailers. Now the question is that where these promoted pins show up to the users.

Either these promoted pins show up at the news feed or when the users search for a particular thing at Pinterest. Because these promoted pins show up like other pins so that’s why it leads to exceptional user engagement. Because of this, businesses like to spend the amount on these promoted pins. And it appears as an organic way as well.

If you have made mind to invest in promoted pins then you need to select the pins you want to advertise, your budget, and the audience to whom you want to target. After this Pinterest will promote your pin through an auction system. It is also notable that you should be very specific about the audience you would like to target.

To get the maximum from these promoted pins you need to choose the right time as well. The majority of users at Pinterest use this platform as a shopping list. That’s why Pinterest provides very fruitful results to the investors.

In this article, we have shared with you How Does Pinterest Make Money. Our readers have requested us several times to throw light on this topic. And we have tried our best to provide you comprehensive information on “How Does Pinterest Make Money”. We hope that it has solved all your queries.

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