How Does Snapchat Make Money-Facts Revealed


The active users count on Snapchat is 310M per month. And on a daily basis, 200M people are spending more than 30 minutes on Snapchat. Do you know that in the year 2015 Snapchat made 58 million dollars and in the next year Snapchat’s annual revenue reached 404 million dollars? And that’s quite a huge number. Many people are surprised how Snapchat is making such a huge amount. I have been asked by many people how Snapchat make money. So that’s why I have decided to share an amazing post with you that how does Snapchat make money. Read the article completely and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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Snapchat is using these 5 ways to generate money. Let’s categorize Snapchat’s revenue in the following sections. These are the five major sections through which Snapchat is earning massive amounts.

  • Snap Ads
  • Sports Partnership
  • Sponsored Lenses
  • Branded GeoFilters
  • Discover Section

Let’s go in-depth with the above revenue details. Please read the article completely so that you may not miss any important details. If you are enjoying reading the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.

How Does Snapchat Make Money

1Snap Ads

Snapchat is earning a huge amount through in between snap ads. This is when Snapchat shows ads of different brands between friend’s stories. Because logically people are more active when they are watching stories of their loved ones. And in between these kinds of ads have a huge impact.

And advertisers have shown huge interest in these kinds of ads. Because they appeal to a huge number of people. Another plus point for advertisers is that the ad takes 100% of the screen and not just a portion.

2Sports Partnership

Snapchat has made partnerships with different sports organizations. In recent years it has made partnerships with MLB, NFL, etc. And this has changed the game of Snapchat. Through sports partnership, Snapchat promotes attendance to events. These kinds of sports stories are also a matter of interest for sports brands like Nike and Addidas. Because they can showcase their sports products to these sports fans.

3Sponsored Lenses

To add a cooler effect Snapchat has added this fun feature. Snapchat charges flat-fee per day for these lenses while some on-demand filters start from $5. The price of these filters is also based on the size of the audience and the duration.

Those who are addicted to Snapchat might know the taco bell lenses of Snapchat. In the history of Snapchat, it is the most viewed ad. By spending $750000 Taco Bell got 224 million impressions. And that’s a huge success.

4Branded GeoFilters

Geo filters are filters for specific geographic locations. To access geofilters once you have taken a picture or recorded video left swap and you will see geofilters. To purchase geofilter on demand you can visit Snapchat website. And from there you can directly buy it.

There is also good news for advertisers because they can now promote different actions. Recently Xmen purchased not only Xmen Snapchat filter but also enabled users to purchase the ticket throw right swipe. Afterward hunger game followed the same lead and it was also very successful. So snapchat’s geofilter has also supported the e-commerce platform and in return, it is generating a handsome amount from these filters.

5Discover Section

Recently Snapchat has merged personal stories and discovery. And because of this now it is hard to miss the discoveries section. Because of the discovery section publishers can post on Snapchat and in return enticing their viewers to consume their content. It has attracted many iconic content providers for example Dailymail, Buzzfeed, etc.

As well as revenue from the discovery section is concerned it is not yet revealed. However, Snapchat is making a huge amount from the discovery section. For advertisers, it is a good opportunity because users can subscribe to their brand and get notified for updates.

It looks like that for this generation Snapchat has become a must-have app. Because of the cool features and filters, Snapchat is being used by lots of people. People like to click funky pictures and share them with their friends.

Dear snappers in this article, I have shared with you that “How does Snapchat make money”. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the article. If there is any query left then don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section given below. Please also le us know that in the app’s sections what should be the next revenue avenue.


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