How Flossing Could Save your life?


Everyone knows that flossing stops tooth decay, but do you know that it prevents heart disease, diabetes and even dementia.

Not just to keep up your oral hygiene, flossing is important habit for your over all health. Plaque is a bacterial deposit on our teeth that destroys our gums, if left untreated, bacteria begin to break down tooth enamel and cause inflammation of the gums. However, flossing can prevent dental diseases. No matter how good you are with your brushing, brushing won’t remove the build-up of plaque between your teeth and under the gum line – only flossing will do that. If you find flossing difficult, floss sticks or holders can make it easier to reach into the mouth.

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Here are some benefits of flossing teeth:

Prevents Tartar Build-Up

A tarter is build up on your teeth, due to the  plaque that is not removed. It is due to the bacteria trapped in teeth and gum line. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that daily flossing can help a person remove plaque and prevent tarter build up. If tarter is not prevented , it will harden into dental calculus. These bits can enters digestive system and eventually into persons blood which could lead to serious health situation. A tarter build is a health emergency that can lead to death as well, that’s why flossing is recommended once a day.

Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breathe is the most social embarrassing situation a person can go through.You may joke about it but its more than just breathe, it could be a sign of illness. Bad oral hygiene is mostly due to gum diseases that causes bad breath.To prevent bad breath, flossing is recommended at-least once a day. Bad breathe can also lead to serious health issue if left untreated. So to keep you teeth and gum clean and healthy, flossing is a must.

Prevent Heart Diseases

A recent study suggests that people with periodontal diseases are more at risk of  heart diseases. Oral hygiene and healthy teeth reduce risk of clogged arteries and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Flossing removes plaque from teeth and gums that leads to healthier dental situation.

Reduce Diabetes Risk 

New research found that people who regularly floss once a day reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes. Flossing helps remove plaque between your teeth. Diabetes reduce your ability to kill bacteria.If you don’t remove plaque, It will harden into tarter. Flossing prevents tarter build up. If it’s hard to manipulate the floss, use a floss holder.


At the University of Kentucky, Scientist performed an experiment to see dental health effects on memory. They put old-age people through a test in which they had to recall  last ten words they heard. It was observed that people with better dental situation had better memory that those having bad dental health. 

Here are best 5 flossing products that you can use 

1.Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss.

Price : US $5.79

Brand : Oral-B


  • Most Recommended floss by dentists and hygienists. 
  • Easy to use and good for sensitive gums. 
  • Gentle on gums and glides between teeth easily
  • Affordable and have minty flavour.


  • Breaks easily, not for long term use

2. Listerine-healthywhite-whitening-floss

Price :US $17.72 ( Pack of 6)


Pros :

  • Removes and prevent gum diseases, cleans ultimately by gliding inside
  • Affordable
  • Dental Professionals Recommended
  • Refreshing mint flavoured
  • Remove stains


  • Contain some chemicals that can be damaging

3. Dr. Tung Smart Floss


           Price : US $12.47 ( Pack of 3)

          Brand : dr.Tung

           Pros :

  • Clinical proven to remove more plaque than other flosses
  • Natural flavours
  • Madd by natural ingredients
  • Affordable

           Cons :

  • Sometimes painful
  • May cause bleeding

4. Plackers Kids’ Dual Gripz 

Price : US $0.04 per flosser

Brand : Plackers

Pros :

  • Plackers is a well known company for manufacturing flossers from past 40 years, so they are trusted sellers.
  • Specially designed for kids
  • Great for the go
  • Fruit smoothie swirl smell
  • Cleans plaque and remove bacteria
  • Cheap in price


  • Breakable and lightweight 
  • Only for kids

5.  Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

Price : US $8.94

Brand: platypus


  • Best for people with braces, it has a spatula that fits inside the wire of braces
  • Applaud by professionals
  • Effective Fast cleaning
  • Makes oral hygiene easier


  • Expensive



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