How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post [Must Read]


Craig Newmark founded the craigslist with an aim to help people to connect in a non-commercial way. is an internationally famous website and it is known for posting items for sale, jobs, personal ads, and other services. Craigslist is an amazing website. It started as an electronic newsletter. And now it has become the most visited English language website. This site host classified ads of almost every category. Users of this website can also discuss on its forum section.  In this article, we are going to throw light on the topic that “How many craigslist ads can I post”.

I have been asked this question several times that’s why we have decided to reserve a post for this cause. Keep reading the article and don’t forget to tell us in the comments section about your views. You can also read our other interesting posts.

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How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post

1How Many Craigslist Ads Can I post?

To safeguard the integrity of the Craigslist site it has maintained guidelines for the community members. And to avoid spamming and commercial advertising rules regarding the frequency of posts have been also established.

You can post once every 48 hours in only one category and in one geographical area. Posting too often or posting similar ads can result in blocked ads. It is also known as “ghosting”. Ghosting means that your ad will not appear on the site even if you create the ad and publish it. And for ghosted ads, Craigslist will not notify you. However, if you have received enough ghosted ads then it will result in permanent blocking your account.

To know that “how many craigslist ads can I Post” you must be familiar with the posts types at Craigslist.

2Permitted Posts by Craigslist

After every 48 hours, you can post one ad in one category and in one city. You must note that the city you are choosing should be either the city you are living in or the city that is closest to you. Ads applying to more than one city violate the Craigslist guidelines. Because Craigslist network is established to connect within the same community. And ads applying more than one city violate the community guidelines.

3Blocked Posts by Craigslist

If you will post similar ads or an ad that’s identical to other ads posted by you then you won’t be able to publish your new ad. Because it violates the guidelines and you will see a “blocked” message.  In this way, Craigslist prevents spam from its system. And once you have seen a blocked message it means you have to delete your old ad so that you may publish your new ad.

4Flagged Posts by Craigslist

Craigslist removes millions of ads because of the flagged posts. If your post has been identified as flagged then Craigslist system will remove it. According to rules before flagging a post community members must give a solid reason that why they are flagging the post.

5Why Ghosted ads are blocked?

To cut down spam Craigslist ghosts ads. If your ad has been ghosted by the Craigslist community then one piece of advice is to reconstruct the whole ad. And delete the ghosted ad. You should also cut down on the links in your ad. Because Craigslist often considers it spam. For source pictures, it is also very important to add photos from only famous photo-sharing websites.

6How can I prevent the Ghosting problem?

To prevent ghosting problem or if your ad is ghosted then follow the following points:

  • If you think your ad has been ghosted then delete it. It is also important to delete the craigslist cookies from your laptop or computer.
  • And afterward, go for posting a new ad.

In this article we have given an answer to “How many craigslist ads can I post”. We hope that it has solved your queries. But still, if you have any queries or if you have something to share with us then don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments section. Please also suggest to us that in our next article what should be the next hit.

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