This Is How The Web Became Unreadable?


For over years people have depended on the web. Be it work, studies or just getting any everyday information. In the recent years everything and anything has been virtualized. From small scale businesses to multinational companies. But have you noticed that a lot of people out there have started getting eyesight issues too? The more the web grows, the more the traffic at eye doctors grow. Every other person today has glasses or lenses on. It might partially be because of the access screen-time but it’s all because in the recent years, the web has become unreadable! Here’s how the web became unreadable?

DESIGNERS HAVE MADE THE TEXT LIGHTER but why? Most of the webs that you visit these days have a lighter text and an even lighter background. It’s because web designers have been making it that way for the sake of it looking aesthetic. Text in old times used to be of a thick black color that was easier for the eyes to read and it wouldn’t stress them out. Now since the text is more lighter and greyish, it’s hard on the eyes. Designers are opting for lighter text colors because it is what their reference guide asks them to do. A dark black on a a white background makes a sharp contrast which can strain the eyes. Therefore a lighter shade of black is used to even the tones out.

SEARCH ENGINES AND COMPANIES ARE AT FAULT. Microsoft, Apple and google have started using templates that have lighter text. When known webs start using a trend, it is only natural that everyone eventually follows. And soon before we know it, it’s all standard. Google’s guidelines suggest an identical preferred ratio of 7:1. But then they recommend 54 percent opacity for display and caption type, a style guideline that translates to a ratio of 4.6:1.

contrast ratios for texts

Building a site and learning it’s algorithms can be of immense importance. Because it’s not all about the content, it’s about attracting your viewers and audience with designs and layouts that hit their eyes and captivate them instantly. So designers who don’t understand the human psychology with colors often make mistakes with their designs and end up loosing viewers. So here’s what designers and companies really need to focus on:

The right typography so that the web remains just as readable as it was back in the time. I believe that designers should go back to the printing colors and keep in mind that people view content and web through various devices. Mobile phones, tabs, desktops. A lot of devices now offer the eye protection option in their built-in systems. People can easily turn that option on in their device settings and keep their eyes from straining. Hence, designers wouldn’t have to worry much about the colors. With coming back to the normal black font, designers would only favor people who view content on smaller devices and help them save their eyes!

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