How To Become A World Class Copywriter In One Month Or Less?


Do you think you’re good with the manipulation of words? Do you want to be a world class copywriter? If yes then you’re in the right place. A copywriter is someone who advertises promotional material. Their job is to sell products and services with their words. So in short, copywriters are responsible for the text on billboards, brochures, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs etc. With that said, the main question is, how to become a world class copywriter in one month or less? Well obviously if you’re just starting off in this field and are a newbie, you might face some difficulties. But don’t loose hope because good things take time and never give up. However, if you’re already in the filed and are stuck somewhere, struggling to earn more, well for that just keep reading. So let’s start and reveal how you can become world class copywriter.

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Copywriting is a field where people choose how they want to work. If you’ve been working in this field for a while and have enough experience, you can get companies to hire you and pay you for a full-time job. If you’re only just getting started or are even experienced, you can work as a freelance copywriter. A lot of people have this misconception that freelancing is not a secure job and that people don’t earn enough from it. But if you know the right tips and tricks and can invest enough time, freelancing can do wonders for your bank balance!

Writing is an immensely diverse field. People who work in other formats of writing such as content writing or creative writing earn a good amount but not as much as copywriters. With content and creative writers it’s usually person-person business. A buyer who needs your content contacts you and you provide them with your services in the given time period. However, in copywriting there are companies involved who themselves are probably earning enough that they don’t hesitate in paying a handsome amount to their copywriters.


The one thing that probably every article or a professional copywriter would tell you is that don’t corner yourself with just numbered niches. What I mean to say is that if you’re just getting started with copywriting, make sure that you make your self flexible in diverse topics. A lot of newbies specify their niches and end up waiting for ages to get a gig. Make yourself available in all the possible niches that you thing you can deal with. When later you have enough experience and work, you can surely go ahead and limit your area of expertise.

Another big don’t in the world of copywriting is that “don’t get started without enough research”. It’s only natural that when you make yourself available for a variety of topics, you end up falling short on the information that you have about them. Make sure you analyze thoroughly the market that you’re presenting your work in and all the stakeholders involved. It is immensely important that you look into the audience and their buyer’s psychology.


If you’re not an active reader then this field might be a little pain because here’s the thing, to be a world-class writer you need to read. Don’t spend that leisure time of yours surfing through unnecessary social media sites. Instead, read the work of other world-class writers and learn their tactics. Now this doesn’t mean copy them, but learn your own style through their methods. Learn how they see the market and how they approach each field.

However, bear in mind that the real practice comes from actually writing copy. So whatever you read, make sure you apply what you learn. If you’re going on about thinking that you can do all the reading that there is and then go on working for clients, then let me tell you that it won’t be a piece of cake to actually satisfy your clients. Your work would lack quality without practice.


This might take a little struggle and patience because it’s not easy to land clients in the field of copywriting if you’re a beginner. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work with someone and pay them good money when they have no experience. So since you’re just starting off with your work and have no idea where to begin from, here are a few ideas or sites to checkout.

  1. Fiverr: this site is the ultimate hub of freelancers across the globe. All you need to do is make an impressive portfolio and post your gigs. At first make sure to keep your rates low because at this stage you only want to focus on making your profile and getting more experience.
  2. Upwork: here you approach people who post jobs. You will need to write impressive cover letters for your clients and build up your resume.
  3. Linkedin: you might not necessarily find jobs here but linkedin is where you build your connections. Look up for people in your field and connect with them.

To become a successful copywriter you will need as much patience as humanly possible. Some writers might get lucky and land thheir first few clients pretty soon and for some it might never happen. Focus on growing and experience and the money would simply start pouring in.

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