The 7 Harmless Habits That May Cause Cancer


All of us have probably heard this before that developed and advance countries have high rates of cancer cases In USA, on an average, 1 out of 4 people are infected by the disease due to harmless habits. Why is that so? Well with development comes advance technology and new and faster methods of everything that is supposed to make human life easy. But every good thing comes at a cost. Here are 7 harmless habits that may cause cancer that most of us are unaware of.

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Skin care. Sun protection. Woman apply sun cream. Woman With Suntan Lotion On Beach In Form Of The Sun. Portrait Of Female With Drawn Sun On A Shoulder. Suncream. Girl Holding Moisturizing Sunblock.

A lot of people take sunscreen for granted. Specially people living in hot and dry climatic areas. Sunscreen reflects some of the harmful ultraviolet radiations that the suns emits. This prevents our skin from coming in direct contact with the harmful rays of the sun and reduces the risk of skin cancer. So always put on that SPF 15 sunblock before heading out.


Young woman sending text message as her boyfriend sleeps in the bed, dark, copy space

Some of us enjoy sleeping with a little music. Some of us put on those alarms and keep our phones near us so we wake up on time. However, what we don’t realize is the fact that our phones are giving off harmful radiofrequencies. Some scientists even recommend keeping your phones out of your rooms at night because these frequencies have the potential to form tumors in your brain.


Baby talcum powder container on wooden background

The use of baby powder around or near the genital area is very common in women. But let me tell you, it causes endometrial cancer. Many scientific studies held in 1970s suggest that long-term use of talc can cause ovarian cancer in women.


Rice on wooden plank

Now it might sound a little absurd since rice has said to have the cure to many diseases, but eating too much rice can cause lung and bladder cancers. Rice has a chemical element arsenic in it. On access use of rice, it is very likely that you might start developing the disease.


Several plastic water bottles on white background. The concept of plastic free pattern

My uncle has a water supply company but he always tells us not to drink in plastic bottles. If you do purchase a plastic bottle, make sure you use it once and discard it and don’t refill it again and again. Plastic bottles have BPA, a weak synthetic hormone that messes with your bodies hormonal balance.


Business people at their desks in a busy, open plan office. Startup business people working at a modern office.

People working in offices with desk work tend to sit all day everyday. A study published in 2014 shows that every two hours of sedentary behavior adds o the risk of colon and lung cancer. So even if you’re an office worker or just a lethargic person, make sure you take a walk or stretch a little every now and then. Be on the safe side when you can.


Scented candle burning on sofa table Photo taken in natural light

As much relaxing as scented candles can be, let’s not forget that they are just as harmful. Candles contain chemicals like benzene and toluene which can cause damage to your organs such as lungs. Inhaling these chemicals regularly put you at a higher risk of getting infected.

Always use quality products and keep yourself aware of the things that are harmful for your body and steer clear from them. Let us know in the comments about the things that you think are harmful. Hope this article was useful.

So these were the 7 harmless habits that you should avoid. Let us know your views in the comment section below.


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